Group Reflection

Group Reflection

I though the group project went pretty well. I was a little worried that someone wouldn’t have their part finished in time, but they did their part. Which was great. In past group projects, I have been the person doing majority of the work, and I was pleased that during this group project I thought that we all carried our own weight. Having the project be about the Portland Housing crash was more interesting than what I began to think. I think that having the medium be in the form of a zine was great. We were able to pack a lot of useful information into about five pages. The zine also allowed people if they wanted, to take a copy of the zine so that they would be able to refer back to the information later on. I do wish that we chose a topic that I was more interested in, so that I could put more heart into the project and my research. I also think having another form of the medium would have been fun, especially if we created a game, because having a game would let people get more involved.

I am pleased with the topic that we chose because I think it is something that is important for everyone to know about, and the group of people that we were presenting our project to is a great age group to learn about this info so that they may hopefully use this information and not get caught being forced to leave their house because it is in foreclosure. The topic that I researched about taught me a lot. I didn’t come into this project knowing a lot about what and how the Portland housing crash happened. In this project I learned a lot, and I am sure that I would be able to use this information later on in life.I am also happy that the topic that we chose to research was the only one in our class. Sure having the same topic as another group isn’t the end of the world, but I think having the only project on the housing crash in Portland made it more memorable.

The group of classmates that I was grouped in, I thought worked well together. I was happy by who was in my group, because we have kind of worked together in small talking groups in class, and we already talked together. I was happy that I wasn’t placed in a group that I didn’t really talk to anyone. Whenever one of us had a question or needed help, we were able to help each other out where needed. I was pleased that my group all agreed on the same thing. It would have been a lot harder to work together if we didn’t agree on the same topic and the form of medium. It made working in a group project a whole lot easier.

Working on this group project gave me a new way of thinking about group projects. In the past they haven’t worked that well, but I think that this past group project went well.


Other Group Reflection

Group 1:I thought the topic was a very important and relevant topic, especially with what is going on in the world today. The facts and statistics that were revealed in the game were suprising. The form of medium in the game Jeopardy was very smart. It got the people playing the game very involved in the game. It got people involved, and I think having a game helped people remember the answers. The questions that they had in the game were great, and I didn’t know majority of them. I was surprised to learn about immigration that is happening here in the United States of America.

Group 2:I thought this game about food insecurity was a really cool way to see how people who come from different backgrounds have their own struggles with food insecurity. Having the topic is in a game form allowed people to be more involved. The facts and statistics that I learned in this game, even though I was not playing, were surprising. I never knew that food insecurity affected that many people. It was interesting to see how the people from different backgrounds dealt with their food insecurities as the game went on. It is a game that could be played by age groups, while showing that food insecurities is a real thing.

Group 3:This game was super smart. Having the topic be about staying physical, they created a game where people have to do various exercises. This is a game where people were able to learn about various exercises that they would be able to do in different locations. The game even got people that weren’t even playing the game to join in on the exercises. It’s a game that could get people active. It would be a good game to play in P.E, and you could change the exercises that the players would have to do based on the age group that would be playing the game.

Group 4:This game was a smart way to have people guess what the topic was about. The players and the people watching the game had to guess the topic was about by going through the questions.  As the game went on, the more clues the players and audience were able to learn that the game was about bulling. This is such an important topic to talk and learn about. The facts and statistics that were shared during the game were surprising. I didn’t know a lot of them. Watching this game let me learn that there is more bulling happening in schools.

Group 5:It was cool to have another medium in the projects. The podcast was about food scarcity at PSU. The facts that were shared during the podcast were surprising. The resources that are available to PSU students during the podcast were great to hear. I haven’t heard of majority of them before. I think it was great that they shared these resources for students because now knowing about food scarcity at PSU, it is great to learn about all these places that are free for students to get food. That means that students wont have to starve and worry about where they will be getting their next meal. They also shared names of places that give free food that aren’t located at PSU, which is great to keep in mind.

Group 6:This game was a bit different because it was a role playing game about immigration. This was an interesting take on how to learn about immigration. It was interesting to see people playing this game and deciding what their next move would be. We were able to see some of the laws that could come in place if people were to move out of country. I never knew some of the laws. It was also interesting to learn about some of the things that people had to do in order to survive. I just hope that people in the United State of America will ever have to do them.


Objectification and Sexulization of Women in Bond Films

Objectification and Sexulization of Women in Bond Films

For the past 54 years, James Bond has become one of the most iconic movie characters that there are to date. Whenever there is the unveiling of the newest James Bond movie, besides the news of who is playing James Bond, the other most anticipated characters that the media and fans are waiting to hear about it who will be playing the iconic Bond Girl. Bond Girls are known to the world to be feminine, gorgeous, and sexy. This paper will look into three Bond movies, Goldfinger (1964), Moonraker (1979), and Casino Royale (2006).

A study that was done in 2005 found that women in films today are underrepresented in films compared to men, and they are portrayed as attractive and thin women, which leads to the sexuilization of them (Neuendorf, et. Al., p. 749). In many of the James Bond films, having the Bond Girls in reveling sexy clothing is normal. There was a study that was done in 2014 that studied the gender roles in films. In the films, it was interesting to see the difference of how much more women were in sexy and or revealing clothing, while the men weren’t seen as much in the same sexy and or revealing clothing. Having women in Bond films, something that is not out of the ordinary to see the Bond girls to be somewhat to completely nude. In the same study that took place in 2014, found that there was about a thirteen percent increase for the percentage of women that were either partially or completely nude. When realizing how many films people can watch, to see how many of the movies have the females be in revealing clothing, and being partially to fully nude.   Whereas you would not see any many males in the same position. In the movie Goldfinger, you find Jill Masterson, a woman who helped James blackmail Goldfinger, dead and naked on the bed, covered in gold. If Jill Masterson character were a male, would James come and find the body naked?

In the movie Moonraker, you see how James Bond treats the Bond Girls in the movie. He uses them as a means to an end. As the more popular James Bond films got, apart of seeing who will become the next James Bond, the next anticipated reveal is who will be playing the next Bond girls in the upcoming film (Bayard, pg. 13). Throughout all the James Bond films, the viewers are able to see how the way Bond treats women changes as the series of Bond movies goes on, but that he still uses women. That fact doesn’t change throughout the decades that Bond films have been around.

In the movie Casino Royale, you are able to see how Bond’s behavior towards women changes due to the character of Vesper Lynd. Bond first meets her and a person who’s from the treasury, but as the film goes on, he realizes that he loves her. Which is different from Bond’s feeling for the other women in the other movies. Even though Bond’s feelings are deeper compared to past movies with other Bond Girls, there is a scene in the movie where he asks Vesper to wear a particular dress, so that she will catch the eye of his competition in a poker game. Not only in Casino Royale, in past movies, the camera has focused on women for a longer than what is needed. This is an example of Male Gaze. In Casino Royale, you see the not only the competition to Bond, but the camera focus on Vesper. Longer than what is needed, and it makes looking at women as objects rather than humans (Rhoman, p.77)

Bond films have been one of the staples of a film series that has remained popular over multiple decades. Though the objectification and sexulization of women in Bond films have changed throughout the five decades James Bond films have been made, it doesn’t change that fact that they are still happening in the modern and current films. Throughout the films, it is noticeable of the ways that the films can make the way the a person can be seen as treating someone, and even the way the audience can see a character.




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Tweet Article

Part 1: Solar power not only provides energy at a low cost, and helps the poor get access to power in Bangladesh. Solar Power in Bangladesh


Catching The Sun (suncatchermovie). “The rise of solar power in Bangladesh is putting a dent in the poverty rate. #gosolar.” 8 October 2016, 5:00 PM. Tweet.


Part 2:

China’s Ever Growing Desert

Hannah Lyons

China has an increasing number of people “who are called “ecological migrants,” because of desertification” (Haner, J., The migrants are due to the currently an expanding desert in China called the Tengger Desert. Due to where Tengger Desert is located, “on the southern edge of the massive Gobi Desert” (Haner, J.,, the Tengger Desert is going to merge with two other deserts and form one giant desert that wouldn’t be able to sustain any life. It is understandable that choosing to live where you have been living, since you have made your life and you might have a business located at your home. Isn’t being able to survive more important that choosing to stay in the Tengger Desert. The Chinese government is paying people that live in the desert to move from the desert.


There are some ways that the stopping of the expansion of the Tengger Desert such as planting trees. Even with “insitutes like the Naiman Semi-Arid Reseach Center were founded to develop methods to bring back the grasslands, “but now climate change is bringing drier, hotter weather, threatening to undo all their work” (Carlson, Benjamin, Even though there were institutes that were willing too put time and money into trying to stop the desert from expanding, the current climate is undoing all their work.   There are other ways that groups are trying to stop the expansion of the desert, but the expansion is just to much that man are able to do.


Even though the people that are currently living in the desert are choosing to stay in the desert, people are choosing to keep their children from the desert. “Mengkebuying and Mandula have decided that they want their 16-year-old daughter to live and work in the city” (Carlson, Benjamin, This shows that people that have grown up had a family, and even have a business that is in the desert. People are sending their children away from their homes in the desert and hoping that they don’t return. What does this show for the quality of life in the desert? People are hoping that their children don’t return to the desert, and stay and create a life in the city.


There is fear that the Tengger Desert is going to combine with the other deserts are, and make the combined desert uninhabitable. That means that everyone who lives there would need to find another place to live. Sure the Chinese government is paying people to move from the desert, but they are probably aren’t paying them the full amount if costs to move. Not even taking into account that people would need to leave the business that they have created in the desert, and have to find a new job wherever they moved to. The job that they might get, might make as much money as they are making right now. Only time will tell to see how long people are able to stay and live in the Tengger Desert. There will be upcoming changes in China, and it will be interesting to see how the people that live in the desert will adapt and change their lives to survive the changes that happen in the combining desert.



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Part 3: I thought that this project was really interesting because you got to learn how major news companies are able to share articles. It was challenging to find the right words that would want to make people on twitter want to read your tweet and click on the link to the article. It takes some manipulation on your part to figure out the “right” words to write to grasp the attention of the people scrolling through twitter. I also never thought about how what you write about the article before you click the link to the article, can shape the way you think. People are prone to read what someone has said about the article and keep that “bias” of the article with them thought the article.


The Witness Review

The movie The Witness shed light on how the media doesn’t share the whole truth of a story that they are telling. The documentary was following Bill Genovese, who was researching the murder of his sister, Kitty Genovese. Genovese does research and conducts interviews with people who saw or hear something the night of the murder. As the movie goes on, you learn that the media has covered up and lied about what really happened the night of the murder.

This movie sheds light on how much lying and cover up there is in the news. In the movie Genovese learns that the New York Times knew the correct facts about the murder, but didn’t print the true facts because they “didn’t make a good story”. How awful is it that a major and trusted news source would keep the true story to themselves and publish a story that would make more sales. It seems that even in this age of time the media would be willing to change facts and cover up facts to sell a story.

It makes you think about how much of what you read and consume on a daily basis and think about how much of it is entirely true. What you are reading, is being altered so that it would be eye catching and make sales. It makes people want to check other sources to double check the facts. Not only for major news networks, but for smaller news networks. It’s sad that viewers and consumers have to feel like they must check other sources to make sure that what they are reading is true. I know that making a profit is important to survive as a company, but they are compromising their integrality along with it. No company should be selling stories that are false. They should be reporting on stories that are important and truthful.

Something that we can do as consumers of news stories is to double-check the stories that we are reading or hearing about. Letting others know that they should double-check the news that they hear will make them more conscious about what they listen to and believe. If they have parts of the story wrong, make sure to let them know that they have a part wrong, and let others know as well.

Even though this documentary only touched on the New York Times falsifying facts about the murder of Kitty Genovese, other media caught on to the story as well and used the information that the Times had published. I hope that as more people hear and watch this documentary, that they think about what they are reading and question it to see if it is really telling the whole truth. Knowing the whole story doesn’t just make sure that you know entirely what happened, but it helps you not have an entirely biased view of the story. Which can be just as important to understand what fully happened.

James D. Solomon, director. The Witness. Five More Minutes Productions. 2016.


World of Video Gaming: Can The Industry Adapt to 21st Century Ethics and Diversity

Both of these articles brought up really valid points of how and why video games aren’t as “up-to-date” as I thought they were. While reading the two articles Nearly half of all video-gamers are women and Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand? It really opened my eyes to see what groups are under represented in the video game world. I’m not an avid gamer, but I play enough video games that I have noticed that there were certain groups that are underrepresented in the video game world.


It’s interesting to now see video games that are being made and released now have a change. I’m happy to see a change in that, but it’s interesting to see that the groups are still underrepresented. Almost half the people that play video games are female, yet most of the characters that you are able to customize and play are males. Why is it that even though females make up almost as many people playing video games, yet it doesn’t look that way in the video games that are being released right now. The storyline of the video games would be the same, the only think that would happen by having the main character have the option of being female is that someone might choose to be female in the game.


The two articles also really made me think of what the reasons may be that video games don’t represent the change and diversity that you have in the “real world”. People aren’t all straight white men. There’s diversity in the world! What is taking video game companies so long to realize that. One reason for the reason why they are taking so long to show the change is that they are worried about the backlash of having diversity in their video games. People might not want to play video games that have diversity in them. I wonder if there are video game companies have tested a video game that had diversity and seen the response to the games. Were they negative to the differences to the popular games that are out right now? I wonder what the sales of the diverse video game would be. Sure there will be backlash to the video games that have diversity, but it’s time that the worlds population is acuritly shown in video games. As is the people that play the video games. I don’t like the idea that I make up about half of the population of the people that play video games, and yet to see more video games that are customizable to be female. Not just to see few main characters that can be female, but also have the female characters need and rely on men for help. Females can be just a strong as men, there’s no reason why the females always have to be the damsel in distress.


What is this representing of our culture. Are we unable to update even our video games to show what diversity that we have in the real world. What does this say about our society and world. We should be willing to show the change that is happening in the world, not afraid to show it.



Diversity and Comics

While reading Islamic Super-Heroes and The Good and Bad of Diversity in Comics, they both showed how diversity is a “new” thing for comics. In the past comics haven’t been diverse, but they are starting to become more diverse. From adding females that aren’t just the women that need to be saved by men, to having the super hero not be white. While some people say that comics have made comics more diverse out of fear, instead of wanting to be more inclusive, there are some comics that are diverse with the goal of being more inclusive. An example of a comic that is doing that it The 99.

There needs to be more comics that give women power. To show them that they don’t need to be the damsel in distress. A women that isn’t afraid to be a hero. A comic that shows women as heroes will also show girls that they don’t have be a helpless, they don’t have to rely on men.

While The 99 has the 99 characters has something of Allah, the characters aren’t religious. Sure they have something of Allah, they don’t pray, go to the mosque, or talk about Islam in the comic. The only think that I noticed in the comic is that some of the characters wear headscarves. I read that some people in Western cultures have had such a problem with this comic, that the show that was suppose to be based off of the comic was cancelled. The author of the comic has received death threats from this comic.

I think it is awful that someone is receiving death threats from writing a comic that is different because it has diversity in the comic. What does that say about this society, that we can’t have anything that has diversity that they aren’t used to seeing. I’m applied that people from this country are sending death threats. The person who wrote this comic is brave to write a comic, and adding something in there that hasn’t been seen in comics that aren’t only in America but the rest of the world as well. I wish that the people in this world, would be accepting of a comic. Even if it doesn’t fit in the normal comic book type.

Having comic books like The 99, shows people that the world has diversity. The 99 not only shows people that has something with Allah, it has people with disabilities, and it has about half of the 99 super heroes be female. The real world isn’t always shown in comics.   There are people with disabilities. In The 99 there are super heroes that have a disabilities. I think it’s great to show that not people in the world don’t have disabilities. Just as when looking at the population of the world, about half of the population is female. It’s great to see an accurate representation of females in a comic about heroes.

Even though the feedback on the comic The 99 hasn’t been all positive, I hope that the comic starts something where comics are more diverse. The comic is a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to see the time where having a diverse comic will be acceptable to the world.

Graphic Novels

While reading The Power and Range of the Graphic Novel-Memoir and ‘They Planted Hatred in Our Hearts’ we really got to understand from other peoples perspective that writing in comic form has an ability to show what is happening or happened in other visual forms other than on television. While you will be getting drawings of what happened and the drawings will be drawn in the way one person saw what happened, you might be seeing things that you normally wouldn’t see since picture or videos wouldn’t have been able to take a photo or video of it.

Having journalism in comic form isn’t something that a great majority of the population have read or maybe even heard of. It is becoming more and more popular for people to read. It doesn’t only have super heroes and villains, it has comics that are journalist comics that focus on the social issues that aren’t only current day issues, but issues in the past.

In Persepolis it was a memoir, so we were able to see and learn about how it was to live in that country at that time. Also being able to “grow-up” with her as the book went on was valuable. Since most stories that are covered by journalists aren’t able to follow the story for such an extended amount of time, that in Persepolis they were able to. Something else that we were able to see in this type of medium is that people were able to learn where her opinions, thoughts, and viewpoints came from. Instead of just entering into her life at a point and there being reference to a view point and not realizing where that opinion was made and why she choose that view point.

Something else that is every unique to comics is that the artist is able to make the faces of the people as abstract or as life-like and they feel like would best represent the comic. Having a more abstract face makes it so that the readers would be able to put themselves in their shoes and experience what they are going through in the comic. This was done in Persepolis, where Satrapi draws the pictures for the book Persepolis. Having the faces be abstract, it makes the reader feel like they can be Marjane when she was younger and experience what she was experiencing. Rather than just go along with her in the story. While on the other hand, having a more realistic faces make the comic feel more realistic.

In the comic Journalism, Joe Sacco has the drawings of the people very realistic. In doing so, he was able to make the reader of the comic pay attention to what the people looked like as the war happened. I personally think that having the faces realistic, it made people look at the photos and really think about what happened during the wars. The readers are able to numb or block out the faces as easily, as if they drawings of the people were more abstract. Having the faces be more realistic might even make readers think that the drawings of the people look familiar to someone that they know.