Group Reflection

Group Reflection

I though the group project went pretty well. I was a little worried that someone wouldn’t have their part finished in time, but they did their part. Which was great. In past group projects, I have been the person doing majority of the work, and I was pleased that during this group project I thought that we all carried our own weight. Having the project be about the Portland Housing crash was more interesting than what I began to think. I think that having the medium be in the form of a zine was great. We were able to pack a lot of useful information into about five pages. The zine also allowed people if they wanted, to take a copy of the zine so that they would be able to refer back to the information later on. I do wish that we chose a topic that I was more interested in, so that I could put more heart into the project and my research. I also think having another form of the medium would have been fun, especially if we created a game, because having a game would let people get more involved.

I am pleased with the topic that we chose because I think it is something that is important for everyone to know about, and the group of people that we were presenting our project to is a great age group to learn about this info so that they may hopefully use this information and not get caught being forced to leave their house because it is in foreclosure. The topic that I researched about taught me a lot. I didn’t come into this project knowing a lot about what and how the Portland housing crash happened. In this project I learned a lot, and I am sure that I would be able to use this information later on in life.I am also happy that the topic that we chose to research was the only one in our class. Sure having the same topic as another group isn’t the end of the world, but I think having the only project on the housing crash in Portland made it more memorable.

The group of classmates that I was grouped in, I thought worked well together. I was happy by who was in my group, because we have kind of worked together in small talking groups in class, and we already talked together. I was happy that I wasn’t placed in a group that I didn’t really talk to anyone. Whenever one of us had a question or needed help, we were able to help each other out where needed. I was pleased that my group all agreed on the same thing. It would have been a lot harder to work together if we didn’t agree on the same topic and the form of medium. It made working in a group project a whole lot easier.

Working on this group project gave me a new way of thinking about group projects. In the past they haven’t worked that well, but I think that this past group project went well.


Other Group Reflection

Group 1:I thought the topic was a very important and relevant topic, especially with what is going on in the world today. The facts and statistics that were revealed in the game were suprising. The form of medium in the game Jeopardy was very smart. It got the people playing the game very involved in the game. It got people involved, and I think having a game helped people remember the answers. The questions that they had in the game were great, and I didn’t know majority of them. I was surprised to learn about immigration that is happening here in the United States of America.

Group 2:I thought this game about food insecurity was a really cool way to see how people who come from different backgrounds have their own struggles with food insecurity. Having the topic is in a game form allowed people to be more involved. The facts and statistics that I learned in this game, even though I was not playing, were surprising. I never knew that food insecurity affected that many people. It was interesting to see how the people from different backgrounds dealt with their food insecurities as the game went on. It is a game that could be played by age groups, while showing that food insecurities is a real thing.

Group 3:This game was super smart. Having the topic be about staying physical, they created a game where people have to do various exercises. This is a game where people were able to learn about various exercises that they would be able to do in different locations. The game even got people that weren’t even playing the game to join in on the exercises. It’s a game that could get people active. It would be a good game to play in P.E, and you could change the exercises that the players would have to do based on the age group that would be playing the game.

Group 4:This game was a smart way to have people guess what the topic was about. The players and the people watching the game had to guess the topic was about by going through the questions.  As the game went on, the more clues the players and audience were able to learn that the game was about bulling. This is such an important topic to talk and learn about. The facts and statistics that were shared during the game were surprising. I didn’t know a lot of them. Watching this game let me learn that there is more bulling happening in schools.

Group 5:It was cool to have another medium in the projects. The podcast was about food scarcity at PSU. The facts that were shared during the podcast were surprising. The resources that are available to PSU students during the podcast were great to hear. I haven’t heard of majority of them before. I think it was great that they shared these resources for students because now knowing about food scarcity at PSU, it is great to learn about all these places that are free for students to get food. That means that students wont have to starve and worry about where they will be getting their next meal. They also shared names of places that give free food that aren’t located at PSU, which is great to keep in mind.

Group 6:This game was a bit different because it was a role playing game about immigration. This was an interesting take on how to learn about immigration. It was interesting to see people playing this game and deciding what their next move would be. We were able to see some of the laws that could come in place if people were to move out of country. I never knew some of the laws. It was also interesting to learn about some of the things that people had to do in order to survive. I just hope that people in the United State of America will ever have to do them.


One thought on “Group Reflection

  1. I know that maybe a different format would have been more fun, but I do feel that the class felt the impact of your zine and the work that you all put into it because people were taking pics of it to send to their friends and to read later. So good job!! You engaged the class in a meaningful way, and that is awesome! I am also glad that you got along with your group. I thought you all did some really excellent research, and it is a very “hot” issue right now with the rising rents, and the rising cost of housing in general. I think the research you all did is very eye opening, and relevant to your age group as well as to mine. It also looked cool too! 😀

    Good comments on the other groups!



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