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Part 1: Solar power not only provides energy at a low cost, and helps the poor get access to power in Bangladesh. Solar Power in Bangladesh


Catching The Sun (suncatchermovie). “The rise of solar power in Bangladesh is putting a dent in the poverty rate. #gosolar.” 8 October 2016, 5:00 PM. Tweet.


Part 2:

China’s Ever Growing Desert

Hannah Lyons

China has an increasing number of people “who are called “ecological migrants,” because of desertification” (Haner, J., The migrants are due to the currently an expanding desert in China called the Tengger Desert. Due to where Tengger Desert is located, “on the southern edge of the massive Gobi Desert” (Haner, J.,, the Tengger Desert is going to merge with two other deserts and form one giant desert that wouldn’t be able to sustain any life. It is understandable that choosing to live where you have been living, since you have made your life and you might have a business located at your home. Isn’t being able to survive more important that choosing to stay in the Tengger Desert. The Chinese government is paying people that live in the desert to move from the desert.


There are some ways that the stopping of the expansion of the Tengger Desert such as planting trees. Even with “insitutes like the Naiman Semi-Arid Reseach Center were founded to develop methods to bring back the grasslands, “but now climate change is bringing drier, hotter weather, threatening to undo all their work” (Carlson, Benjamin, Even though there were institutes that were willing too put time and money into trying to stop the desert from expanding, the current climate is undoing all their work.   There are other ways that groups are trying to stop the expansion of the desert, but the expansion is just to much that man are able to do.


Even though the people that are currently living in the desert are choosing to stay in the desert, people are choosing to keep their children from the desert. “Mengkebuying and Mandula have decided that they want their 16-year-old daughter to live and work in the city” (Carlson, Benjamin, This shows that people that have grown up had a family, and even have a business that is in the desert. People are sending their children away from their homes in the desert and hoping that they don’t return. What does this show for the quality of life in the desert? People are hoping that their children don’t return to the desert, and stay and create a life in the city.


There is fear that the Tengger Desert is going to combine with the other deserts are, and make the combined desert uninhabitable. That means that everyone who lives there would need to find another place to live. Sure the Chinese government is paying people to move from the desert, but they are probably aren’t paying them the full amount if costs to move. Not even taking into account that people would need to leave the business that they have created in the desert, and have to find a new job wherever they moved to. The job that they might get, might make as much money as they are making right now. Only time will tell to see how long people are able to stay and live in the Tengger Desert. There will be upcoming changes in China, and it will be interesting to see how the people that live in the desert will adapt and change their lives to survive the changes that happen in the combining desert.



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Part 3: I thought that this project was really interesting because you got to learn how major news companies are able to share articles. It was challenging to find the right words that would want to make people on twitter want to read your tweet and click on the link to the article. It takes some manipulation on your part to figure out the “right” words to write to grasp the attention of the people scrolling through twitter. I also never thought about how what you write about the article before you click the link to the article, can shape the way you think. People are prone to read what someone has said about the article and keep that “bias” of the article with them thought the article.



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