The Witness Review

The movie The Witness shed light on how the media doesn’t share the whole truth of a story that they are telling. The documentary was following Bill Genovese, who was researching the murder of his sister, Kitty Genovese. Genovese does research and conducts interviews with people who saw or hear something the night of the murder. As the movie goes on, you learn that the media has covered up and lied about what really happened the night of the murder.

This movie sheds light on how much lying and cover up there is in the news. In the movie Genovese learns that the New York Times knew the correct facts about the murder, but didn’t print the true facts because they “didn’t make a good story”. How awful is it that a major and trusted news source would keep the true story to themselves and publish a story that would make more sales. It seems that even in this age of time the media would be willing to change facts and cover up facts to sell a story.

It makes you think about how much of what you read and consume on a daily basis and think about how much of it is entirely true. What you are reading, is being altered so that it would be eye catching and make sales. It makes people want to check other sources to double check the facts. Not only for major news networks, but for smaller news networks. It’s sad that viewers and consumers have to feel like they must check other sources to make sure that what they are reading is true. I know that making a profit is important to survive as a company, but they are compromising their integrality along with it. No company should be selling stories that are false. They should be reporting on stories that are important and truthful.

Something that we can do as consumers of news stories is to double-check the stories that we are reading or hearing about. Letting others know that they should double-check the news that they hear will make them more conscious about what they listen to and believe. If they have parts of the story wrong, make sure to let them know that they have a part wrong, and let others know as well.

Even though this documentary only touched on the New York Times falsifying facts about the murder of Kitty Genovese, other media caught on to the story as well and used the information that the Times had published. I hope that as more people hear and watch this documentary, that they think about what they are reading and question it to see if it is really telling the whole truth. Knowing the whole story doesn’t just make sure that you know entirely what happened, but it helps you not have an entirely biased view of the story. Which can be just as important to understand what fully happened.

James D. Solomon, director. The Witness. Five More Minutes Productions. 2016.



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