World of Video Gaming: Can The Industry Adapt to 21st Century Ethics and Diversity

Both of these articles brought up really valid points of how and why video games aren’t as “up-to-date” as I thought they were. While reading the two articles Nearly half of all video-gamers are women and Misogyny, racism and homophobia: where do video games stand? It really opened my eyes to see what groups are under represented in the video game world. I’m not an avid gamer, but I play enough video games that I have noticed that there were certain groups that are underrepresented in the video game world.


It’s interesting to now see video games that are being made and released now have a change. I’m happy to see a change in that, but it’s interesting to see that the groups are still underrepresented. Almost half the people that play video games are female, yet most of the characters that you are able to customize and play are males. Why is it that even though females make up almost as many people playing video games, yet it doesn’t look that way in the video games that are being released right now. The storyline of the video games would be the same, the only think that would happen by having the main character have the option of being female is that someone might choose to be female in the game.


The two articles also really made me think of what the reasons may be that video games don’t represent the change and diversity that you have in the “real world”. People aren’t all straight white men. There’s diversity in the world! What is taking video game companies so long to realize that. One reason for the reason why they are taking so long to show the change is that they are worried about the backlash of having diversity in their video games. People might not want to play video games that have diversity in them. I wonder if there are video game companies have tested a video game that had diversity and seen the response to the games. Were they negative to the differences to the popular games that are out right now? I wonder what the sales of the diverse video game would be. Sure there will be backlash to the video games that have diversity, but it’s time that the worlds population is acuritly shown in video games. As is the people that play the video games. I don’t like the idea that I make up about half of the population of the people that play video games, and yet to see more video games that are customizable to be female. Not just to see few main characters that can be female, but also have the female characters need and rely on men for help. Females can be just a strong as men, there’s no reason why the females always have to be the damsel in distress.


What is this representing of our culture. Are we unable to update even our video games to show what diversity that we have in the real world. What does this say about our society and world. We should be willing to show the change that is happening in the world, not afraid to show it.




One thought on “World of Video Gaming: Can The Industry Adapt to 21st Century Ethics and Diversity

  1. I also game, and one of the things that I have noticed over the past few years (at least with World of Warcraft) is more women openly admitting that they are playing. I have also met several gamers over 60. One guy I know is over 70! Ageism is also prevalent in gaming, but as more grandparents play with their grandkids, and more mom’s, I am seeing a real shift. I was even in one dungeon raid with a bunch of women and we were talking about make-up 🙂 A far cry from five years ago!



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