Diversity and Comics

While reading Islamic Super-Heroes and The Good and Bad of Diversity in Comics, they both showed how diversity is a “new” thing for comics. In the past comics haven’t been diverse, but they are starting to become more diverse. From adding females that aren’t just the women that need to be saved by men, to having the super hero not be white. While some people say that comics have made comics more diverse out of fear, instead of wanting to be more inclusive, there are some comics that are diverse with the goal of being more inclusive. An example of a comic that is doing that it The 99.

There needs to be more comics that give women power. To show them that they don’t need to be the damsel in distress. A women that isn’t afraid to be a hero. A comic that shows women as heroes will also show girls that they don’t have be a helpless, they don’t have to rely on men.

While The 99 has the 99 characters has something of Allah, the characters aren’t religious. Sure they have something of Allah, they don’t pray, go to the mosque, or talk about Islam in the comic. The only think that I noticed in the comic is that some of the characters wear headscarves. I read that some people in Western cultures have had such a problem with this comic, that the show that was suppose to be based off of the comic was cancelled. The author of the comic has received death threats from this comic.

I think it is awful that someone is receiving death threats from writing a comic that is different because it has diversity in the comic. What does that say about this society, that we can’t have anything that has diversity that they aren’t used to seeing. I’m applied that people from this country are sending death threats. The person who wrote this comic is brave to write a comic, and adding something in there that hasn’t been seen in comics that aren’t only in America but the rest of the world as well. I wish that the people in this world, would be accepting of a comic. Even if it doesn’t fit in the normal comic book type.

Having comic books like The 99, shows people that the world has diversity. The 99 not only shows people that has something with Allah, it has people with disabilities, and it has about half of the 99 super heroes be female. The real world isn’t always shown in comics.   There are people with disabilities. In The 99 there are super heroes that have a disabilities. I think it’s great to show that not people in the world don’t have disabilities. Just as when looking at the population of the world, about half of the population is female. It’s great to see an accurate representation of females in a comic about heroes.

Even though the feedback on the comic The 99 hasn’t been all positive, I hope that the comic starts something where comics are more diverse. The comic is a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to see the time where having a diverse comic will be acceptable to the world.


One thought on “Diversity and Comics

  1. I really like how The 99 incorporates diversity in an organic way rather than in a contrived way like some of our Western comics. We really need to see diversity, not just in print comics (where is is a bit more successful), but on television and film. That is where diversity in comics is lacking, and we need to change that!

    Let’s hope the Wonder Woman film coming out in June is successful, if so, we will see more female centered superhero films!



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